About us


Strong as a Viking.

Prestigious origins

VIKING is a brand of Continental AG developed in Germany and manufactured in Europe.

Consistent quality with more than 80 years of experience as a European tyre manufacturer and the continuous further development of our products in state-of-the-art development centres, Viking stands for cutting-edge technology.

A good deal

The lean distribution structure ensures attractive value for money.

Convincing quality features

  • Sporty: Outstanding performance, even for powerful vehicles
  • Strong: Durable products which deliver even in demanding conditions
  • Safe: Reliable protection due to state-of-the-art technology


Then and now:

  • 1931 Roll-out of Viking.
    The company starts manufacturing rubber products (including shoes and tyres) in Askim/Norway.
  • 1970 Viking gains its first experience as a manufacturer of original equipment focussing on car tyres. With a market share in excess of 50%, Viking becomes market leader in Norway. Nearly every Norwegian knows the brand and trusts its tyres. At the same time, Viking becomes a brand of global standing and original equipment supplier to Volkswagen, Opel, Ford and Volvo. The impact on the perceived quality of Viking‘s products is impressive.
  • 1983 Viking goes international.
    Viking‘s success in its domestic market leads to its expansion to Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the USA. Continental AG acquires the trademark rights in the early 1990s. Viking becomes part of Continental AG‘s multibrand strategy.
  • 2008 Expansion of the market position.
    Viking sells some 1 million tyres a year for the first time.
  • 2010 Following extensive development, the SnowTech II winter tyre is launched.
  • 2012 The new Viking CityTech II and Viking TransTech II summer tyres complete the summer tyre segment.
  • 2013 The Viking SnowTech II outperforms popular competitors in the AutoBild winter tyre test.
  • 2014 The Viking ProTech HP, a state-ofthe-art ultra high performance tyre, is launched in Europe.
  • 2015 Sponsoring contracts in the German professional football league and in rallying seek to increase brand awareness nationwide.
  • 2016 The Viking FourTech, the first Viking All-seaon tyre is launched in Europe. 

Viking. A brand of Continental.